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Application of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic welding machine is mainly used for the second connection of thermoplastic, compared with other traditional processes (such as adhesive, electric ironing or screw fastening, etc.), with high production efficiency, welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving and other significant advantages. Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is widely used in medical equipment, packaging, auto parts, fishing gear and other industries, such as one-time infusion filter and plasma separation cups, Zifeng Dai, plastic bottle caps, dishwasher water wheels, plastic toys, Plastic [...]

Ultrasonic generator application

Double modes double selection: Standard plastic welding machine mode Corollary special machine mode   Application: Welding, insertion, bend, spot welding, cutting. Product material: ABS,PP,PS,SNA,PC,PA,PET, non-woven, nylon, etc.