Ultrasonic Cutting Generator


Ultrasonic Cutting Generator Specification

Our 2000C specialized in cutting filed, such as food, rubber, non woven, plastic cutting. Our ultrasonic cutting generator has RS485, so you can install the ultrasonic generator in your automation machine and control the many set of ultrasonic generators via RS485.

Also, we can provide ultrasonic transducer booster and different size cutting blades with the ultrasonic generator as a complete ultrasonic cutting system.  You can see more information about our ultrasonic cutting blade by visit: https://www.intopindustrial.com/products/ultrasonic-cutting-blade/ .

Ultrasonic Cutting Generator application

Ultrasonic Cutting Generator specification and technical data

Ultrasonic  cutting generator 2000C
Operating environment-20℃~+80℃, humidity less 70%
DimensionLength 360mm, Width 12mm, Height 100mm
MaterialShell: aluminum alloy, Panel: 304 stainless steel,Heating panel: 6061 pure aluminum
Voltage220VAC, 50/60HZ
Standard partsUltrasonic generator, converter wire, power wire, control signal interface, DB9 core wire.
Optional partShockproof suitcase


Our ultrasonic cutting generator advantages

1、Adopting parallel resonance to drive the ultrasonic converter booster, reduce the heating of transducer to protect it.

2、Button start, easy operation.

3、Imported control chip and driver, makes the ultrasonic generator works more reliable.

4、The ultrasonic cutting generator’s frequency based on the PID control and amplitude control, frequency locking and achieve constant amplitude control as well.

5、Explosive power output, compare to traditional ultrasonic generator, ours only request 1/2 cylinder pressure to achieve the same power output.

6、Amplitude soft start, ensure make use of huge mould.

7、Amplitude adjustment range 0~100% by 1%.

8、Multiple protections to ensure the safety of equipment and test-piece.


The ultrasonic cutting system is widely used in various industries and processes where the ultrasonic precision cutting are required. Some common applications of ultrasonic cutting generator include:

  • Food Industry: Ultrasonic cutting is used to slice baked goods, cheeses, confections, and other food items cleanly and without deformation, such as the portioning of frozen foods.
  • Textile Industry: Ultrasonic cutting systems are utilized for cutting fabrics, synthetic textiles, and non woven materials. They create clean edges and prevent fraying.
  • Automotive Industry: Ultrasonic cutting is employed in trimming and cutting various automotive materials, including carpets, headliners, and upholstery.
  • Packaging Industry: Ultrasonic cutting systems are used to cut and seal plastic films, ensuring precise and strong seals in packaging materials.
  • Medical Industry: In the medical field, ultrasonic cutting is applied in the production of medical devices, such as catheters and wound dressings.
  • Aerospace Industry: Ultrasonic cutting generator can be used for the precision cutting of composite materials used in aircraft construction.
  • Paper and Printing Industry: Ultrasonic cutting helps in cutting paper, corrugated cardboard, and other paper products with precision and speed.
  • Rubber and Plastic Industry: It’s used for cutting and trimming rubber and plastic materials in the manufacturing process.
  • Electronics Industry: Ultrasonic cutting is employed for precision cutting of electronic components and PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).
  • Renewable Energy: Ultrasonic cutting generators can be used in the production of solar panels and battery components.

These are just a few examples of the many applications of ultrasonic cutting generator. They are chosen for their ability to provide clean, precise, and efficient cutting and sealing in a wide range of materials and industries. please contact us sales@intopindustrial.com to get more information or quotation.

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