Ultrasonic spraying machine generator



The ultrasonic spraying machine generator HF010 is a small power type generator, the frequency is from 30khz to 155khz, power is from 30w to 100w. Our ultrasonic generator HF010  widely be used for ultrasonic spraying, precision welding, spot welding and etc.

We also provide ultrasonic nozzle with ultrasonic generator based on customer’s requirements.

Ultrasonic spraying machine generator HF010

Specification of Ultrasonic spraying machine generator


30 kHz100 W RS485
40 kHz100 WRS485
60 kHz80 WRS485
100 kHz50 WRS485
120 kHz30 WRS485



Ultrasonic Spraying Generator Characteristics

Our ultrasonic spraying generator HF010 is consist of frequency control module, amplitude control module drive module, circuit protection, man-machine interface, power supply and resonant circuit. The man-machine operation is completed by the touch screen, and the operation is simple and easy.

The ultrasonic spraying generator has the following characteristics:

  1. Automatic frequency tuning: This feature is the basic feature of the ultrasonic system, and the accuracy of the frequency is directly related to the device performance.
  2. Digital amplitude setting: the amplitude can be adjusted from 1% to 100%, and the digital adjustment ensures the uniformity of each startup.
  3. Soft start: In order to make the ultrasonic system work perfectly, the user needs to select the appropriate soft start according to the characteristics of the mold. The proper soft start time reduce the impact of the generator on the transducer. Especially for the difficult-to -start molds, the start speed can be adjusted.
  1. Automatic frequency research: The frequency search is based on the low amplitude (about 10%), to make sure the ultrasonic generator’s start frequency is good during operation.
  1. Welding time adjustable: HF010 series ultrasonic generator has inner time counting (accuracy 100ms). Users can set time counting according to their needs to ensure the uniformity of each welding.
  1. 485 communication baud rate has 4 parameters adjustable (9600, 19200, 57600, 115200), adopt international communication Modbus protocol. The communication interval is greater than 50ms.
  1. For The time mode, ultrasonic time setting type and manual type are optional.


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