If you want ultrasonic generator, converter booster, ultrasonic hand held welder, ultrasonic food cutting equipment, ultrasonic plastic welding machine or there ultrasonic equipments,  our company is the perfect partner to consider. With our wide range of high quality and reliable products, we are uniquely positioned to deliver complete work ready solutions and address your equipment needs as one business partner.

We want our customer to be experts in their respective fields. They should not have to worry about the specification of equipment, installation and maintenance requirements, availability of spare parts and technical assistance. This is our field of expertise. This is the service together with our dealers, distributors and service partners we provide.

We can help the customer to become more efficient and productive in their processes by:

  1. Understanding your needs and develop the complete solution (specification, project drawings) with you
  2. Working together we can produce cost savings for your business through better suited solutions and more efficient operations. We are convinced that we offer the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry and we are ready to prove it to you
  3. Providing easy to understand documentation regarding installation, servicing and maintenance
  4. Training your sales, engineering, service and maintenance people as well as operators on our equipment to get the maximum performance for you
  5. Prompt and courteous assistance and answers to any questions that may arise.

Our company service is the core of what we do. Providing outstanding and innovative service solutions is our most valuable asset and something we are proud to deliver.

The different Service sections at our company: