Ultrasonic fabric cut

Every object has a stable and easily vibrating natural frequency. When an external force is applied in synchronization with this frequency, even a small force can generate significant vibrations. This phenomenon is known as resonance. Our ultrasonic cutting machine takes advantage of this resonant vibration to cut with precision. The ultrasonic cutting machine consists of a “vibrator” and a “generator” that controls it, as well as a transducer connected to the blade. Piezoelectric elements are built into the vibrator. By applying an alternating voltage to the piezoelectric elements that matches the natural frequency of the vibrator, the entire vibrator, including the blade, resonates. The resonance state and the amplitude of the cutting edge are kept constant by feeding back disturbances in the natural frequency and amplitude caused by the load when cutting the workpiece back to the transducer, always maintaining excellent sharpness.

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