Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine



Our ultrasonic  cutting machine vibrates the blade longitudinally at a frequency ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 cycles per second (20kHz to 40kHz). This vibration allows it to easily cut resin products, rubber products, non-woven fabrics, and their composite materials, which are difficult to cut with conventional tools. In addition to its low initial and operating costs and excellent maintainability, it produces almost no chips, wastewater, noise, or smoke.


Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine
Cutting Knife MaterialTitanium or Alloy
Cutting Knife TypeReplaceable integrated cutting knife
Cutting TypeHandheld, Machine-clamped, Hand-pushed with guide rails
Cutting Speed1-100m/min
ApplicationUsed in the clothing, textile, leather, synthetic leather, and other industries for cutting materials such as cotton, hemp, synthetic leather, silk, knitted fabrics, as well as cutting carpets, towels, bed sheets, plastic films, and various other materials.


Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine cutting head Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine knife Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine transducer cutting part


Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine Advantages

Ultrasonic fabric cutting machines offer several advantages for cutting and processing various types of fabrics. Here are some of the key advantages:


1.Precise and Clean Cuts: Ultrasonic fabric cutting machines use high-frequency vibrations to cut fabrics cleanly and precisely. This results in sharp edges without fraying or unraveling, which is especially important for delicate or intricate designs.


2. Sealing Edges: In addition to cutting, ultrasonic fabric cutting machines can simultaneously seal the edges of synthetic fabrics. This prevents fraying and ensures a neat and finished look.


3. No Friction or Heat: Unlike traditional cutting methods, such as rotary blades or lasers, ultrasonic cutting generates minimal heat and friction. This reduces the risk of damaging sensitive fabrics, such as those made of thermoplastics or coated materials.


4. Versatility: Ultrasonic fabric cutting machines can handle a wide range of fabrics, including woven, non-woven, knitted, and synthetic materials. They are also suitable for cutting multiple layers of fabric simultaneously.


5. Increased Productivity: These machines are known for their high cutting speeds and efficiency, which can lead to increased productivity in manufacturing processes.

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