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Zhuzhou Intop company was established in 2013. We research and manufacture Ultrasonic generator, Ultrasonic hand held welder, Ultrasonic food cutting equipment, Ultrasonic plastic welding machine and other ultrasonic equipment.

With more than 300 personnel comprising manufacturing, tooling and administration, we allocate 20% of oursforce comprising research and development personnel to continuously designing and meeting our customers’ need.

We adopts a step by step approach to penetrate the overseas market by quality conscious mentality. With the strong ideology of quality, we are able to manufacture customize system to fit customer’s need. In order to continuing up-grading our technology and skill in the ultrasonic industry.

There is no shortcut for market development, 90% of our sales and technical personnel went through our in-house training to upgrade their skills to meet new challenges from our customers. With this in mind, we set up 25 sales and service offices in different region, providing independent support to the customers.

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