Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine


Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine Specification

Our ultrasonic plastic welding machine J series is specialized in welding in many different industries, such as automotive industry, electronics industry, medical devices, packaging industry, textile industry and son on. We can design and produce the customized ultrasonic horn based on your welding requirements.

Output Power1500W2000W2200W2600W
Input Voltage220VAC220VAC220VAC220VAC
Head route of travel75mm75mm75mm75mm
Welding time0.01-9.99sec0.01-9.99sec0.01-9.99sec0.01-9.99sec
Air pressure0.1-0.7Mpa0.1-0.7Mpa0.1-0.7Mpa0.1-0.7Mpa
Cooling systemAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir Cooling
Welding Area(mm)&170&190&200&220
Net Weight(KG)130kg90kg92kg95kg



The features of our ultrasonic plastic welding machine J series make the welding performance is better than other types ultrasonic welders.

  • Frequency and Power Options
  • More Stable Output Performance
  • Higher Welding Efficiency
  • More Convenient Automatic Frequency Sweep Function
  • Production Rhythm Can Be Up To 200 Times Per Minute
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Digital Amplitude Set and Piecewise Control 


  1. Our ultrasonic welding machine utilizes NTK high-power transducers.
  2. The operating frequency is automatically displayed.
  3. The dial gauge displays scales with precise and quick adjustments.
  4. Digital control with accuracy up to one-thousandth of a second.
  5. The base can be adjusted for levelness, allowing for rapid set-up.


Our ultrasonic plastic welding machines are valued for their ability to create strong and precise bonds in thermoplastic materials, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of industries and applications. Please contact us to let us know what’s your welding requirements and get a quotation.

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