Ultrasonic Welding Generator

Ultrasonic Welding Generator

Welding time adjustable

Amplitude 20% to 100% adjustable

Continuous welding


Ultrasonic Welding Generator Specification

Our 2000E specialized in continuous welding and cutting filed, the frequency is from 40khz to 15khz, power is from 300w to 4200w, you can choose what you want based on your requirement. Also, we can provide ultrasonic transducer booster and horn(sonotrode) with ultrasonic generator as a complete ultrasonic welding system.


Ultrasonic  Welding Generator 2000E
Operating environment-20℃~+80℃, humidity less 70%
Dimension35cm ✖️12cm ✖️ 10cm
MaterialShell: aluminum alloy,Panel: 304 stainless steel,Heating panel: 6061 pure aluminum
Voltage110/220VAC, 50/60HZ
Standard partsUltrasonic generator, converter wire, power wire, control signal interface, DB9 core wire.
Optional partShockproof suitcase

Ultrasonic Welding Generator

Ultrasonic Welding Generator specification

Our Ultrasonic Welding Generator Advantage

1、Adopting parallel resonance to drive the converter, reduce the heating of converter to protect it.

2、Button start, easy operation.

3、Imported control chip and driver, makes the working more reliable.

4、The ultrasonic cutting generator’s frequency based on the PID control and amplitude control, frequency locking and achieve constant amplitude control as well.

5、Explosive power output, compare to traditional ultrasonic welding generator, our 2000E type only request 1/2 cylinder pressure to achieve the same power output.

6、Amplitude soft start, ensure make use of huge mould.

7、Amplitude adjustment range 0~100% by 1%.

8、Multiple protections to ensure the safety of equipment and test-piece.


1.Industry: Non woven fabric, Children toys, plastic cups, toy gun, telephone, rag baby, general plastic toys, etc.
2. Electronics: Glue watchcase, nylon strap, computer, sound box bag shell, mobile phone battery
3. Light industry: Tea bags, Rear lamp, cornering lamp, averting mirror, etc.
4. Packing Industry: Manure belt, Turnover box, Cosmetic box, PVC box, toothpaste tubes, etc.
5. General Commercial Products: Typewriter ribbon, video box, tape box, computer disks, etc.

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