Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board



Our Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board can be used for non-woven bag making machine, paper cup sealing machine, three layers bag making machine, medical cloths making machine, plastic welding machine, plastic bag making machine, etc.

We also can provide ultrasonic transducer booster and horn ( sonotrode) with ultrasonic Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board as a complete system.

Output Power1500/1200/1000/800/600W
VoltageAC110 AC 220 50-60HZ
New Weight1.3KG
Cross Weight1.5KG

Our Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board advantages

1. DDS and PID high precision frequency control core.

2. Electric constant amplitude control system.

3. Welding amplitude setting range 0% – 100% by 1%.

4. Soft start, setting range 0-999MS, setprecison 1MS.

5. Three self-checking modes.

6. Pressure trigger/Time/Energy welding modes.

7. Six protections.

8. Less space, total weight 1.3KG.

Application: Plastic, Toys, Electronic products, Non Woven products, Shore cover, Surgical products, lable, paper cups, mask, etc.

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