Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board



The Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board refers to the printed circuit board (PCB) that contains the electronic components responsible for generating and controlling the ultrasonic vibrations in an ultrasonic system. This board plays a crucial role in regulating the frequency, power, and other parameters of the ultrasonic waves used for various applications, such as cutting, welding, cleaning, and more. It is an essential component in ultrasonic equipment and machinery.

We also provide ultrasonic transducer booster and horn ( sonotrode) with ultrasonic Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board as a complete system. Customized horns (sonotrodes) are available!

Ultrasonic Generator PCB pictureModelIT-2000E-P
Output Power1500/1200/1000/800/600W
VoltageAC110 AC 220 50-60HZ
New Weight1.3KG
Cross Weight1.5KG

Our Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board advantages

1. DDS and PID high precision frequency control core.

2. Electric constant amplitude control system.

3. Welding amplitude setting range 0% – 100% by 1%.

4. Soft start, setting range 0-999MS, setprecison 1MS.

5. Three self-checking modes.

6. Pressure trigger/Time/Energy welding modes.

7. Six protections.

8. Less space, total weight 1.3KG.


Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board Application

The application of our Ultrasonic PCB Board is in various industries and processes that require the generation and control of ultrasonic vibrations for specific purposes. Here are some common applications of Ultrasonic Generator PCB Boards:

  1. Ultrasonic Welding: Ultrasonic generator PCB boards are used in ultrasonic welding machines to fuse plastic and metal components together. This is common in industries like automotive, electronics, and medical device manufacturing.
  2. Ultrasonic Cutting: Ultrasonic cutting systems utilize these boards to create precise vibrations in cutting blades for clean and accurate cutting of materials such as food, rubber, plastics, and textiles.
  3. Ultrasonic Sealing: Ultrasonic PCB boards are used in sealing applications to create airtight seals in packaging materials, ensuring product freshness and integrity.
  4. Ultrasonic Emulsification: In the food and pharmaceutical industries, these boards are used to emulsify liquids and mixtures, creating stable and homogeneous products.
  5. Ultrasonic Soldering: They are employed in ultrasonic soldering machines for soldering electronic components, ensuring strong and reliable solder joints.
  6. Ultrasonic Plastic Welding: Ultrasonic generator PCB boards are used in plastic welding machines to bond thermoplastic materials, commonly used in the manufacturing of plastic products.
  7. Ultrasonic Textile Bonding: In the textile industry, ultrasonic bonding is used to join fabrics and create patterns or designs on textiles, and the PCB board controls these processes.
  8. Ultrasonic Cell Disruption: In laboratories and biotechnology, these ultrasonic boards are used for cell disruption and the extraction of cellular contents for research and analysis.
  9. Ultrasonic Homogenization: In the pharmaceutical and food industries, these ultrasonic PCB boards are used for homogenizing mixtures and suspensions to ensure product consistency.
  10. Ultrasonic Vibrating Screens: They are utilized in vibrating screens to separate and classify materials in various industries, including agriculture and mining.
  11. Ultrasonic Weld Inspection: Ultrasonic generator PCB boards are used in non-destructive testing equipment to inspect welded joints for defects.
  12. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging: In industrial applications, the ultrasonic PCB boards are used in ultrasonic thickness gauges to measure the thickness of materials.

The specific application of an Ultrasonic Generator PCB Board depends on the equipment it is integrated into and the industry’s requirements. These boards play a critical role in controlling the frequency, power, and duration of ultrasonic vibrations to achieve desired outcomes in various processes and applications.

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