Ultrasonic Welding Generator Box 40kHz 20kHz 2000HS



Ultrasonic Welding Generator Box 40kHz  2000HS  is professional in welding filed. The machine’s frequency is from 40khz to 15khz, power is from 300w to 4200w, you can choose what you want based on your welding requirements. Also, we can provide ultrasonic transducer booster and horn(sonotrode) with ultrasonic generator as a complete ultrasonic welding system. What more, design and make the non-standard horn based on your welding demand or your drawing.


Ultrasonic welding generator box 40kHz 2000HS
ultrasonic plastic welding machine application


Ultrasonic Welding Generator Box Character

Size (cm)Weight (Kg)Input Voltage AC
42✖23✖125.8220v 50Hz
Transducer Capacitance
15/20/30/40 KHz


Soft starting time adjustable: When the horns’ size is too big or parameter is not good. To adjust the soft starting time can increase the service life of transducers and horns.

System protection: The ultrasonic generator protects the ultrasonic system through both software and hardware ways.

Amplitude & Time adjustable: In the range of rated power, the users can adjust the amplitude by themselves in order to get the perfect working performance. The built-in time counting can be set step by 100ms.

Boot scanning: The user can decide the machine whether boot scanning or not.

Power supply voltage adaptation: Ensuring the amplitude of transducer by adjusting the line voltage.

Alarm reset: The ultrasonic generator protects the ultrasonic system through both software and hardware ways. After the alarm, the frequency will be reset.



Our Ultrasonic Welding Generator Box 40kHz  widely be used for plastic welding and bonding, non-woven fabric welding and cutting, labels cutting, food cutting, water treatment etc. Please contact us sales@intopindustrial.com to get more information and quotation.


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