Ultrasonic Handheld Welder

Ultrasonic Handheld Welder




Ultrasonic Handheld Welder Specification

An ultrasonic handheld welder, often referred to as a handheld ultrasonic welding machine or ultrasonic welder gun, is a portable device used for welding and joining thermoplastic materials through the application of high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. This handheld tool is commonly used in various industries for a range of welding and bonding applications.

We can offer you 20khz, 28khz, 30khz, 35khz, 40khz ultrasonic hand held welder with customized horn size based on your welding demand.


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Ultrasonic hand held welder application

Ultrasonic hand held welder advantage                                     

Type NameUltrasonic handheld welder
Model Number2000B
Environmental Condition-10℃ to +40℃ , Damp heat lower than 70%
Transducer Adaptor28/30/ 35/ 40 KHz
Power600/800/ 1000/ 1200W
Horn MaterialTitanium; Aluminum alloy
Power Supply110/220VAC, 50/60HZ
Welding Diameter3-25mm or customized
Optional AccessoryShockproof suitcase, Hors, Cutting blades, Cooling Solenoid Valve


Ultrasonic Handheld Welder Features                                              

  1. One key start, simple operation and easy to start with for customers.
  2. Imported CPU and drive unit to ensure reliable power supply.
  3. Effectively balance the amplitude while frequency is locked based on the frequency and amplitude control using PID.
  4. Power outburst mode, save energy comparing to the traditional ultrasonic hand-held welding machine.
  5. Welding amplitude adjustable from 0% to 100% by 1% step.
  6. Dual-frequency mode, one can easily switch from one frequency converter to another by software configuration, the frequency setting range is ±8K.




  1. Plastic Welding: Handheld ultrasonic welders are commonly used for welding various thermoplastic materials, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and others. They find applications in industries such as automotive, electronics, medical devices, and packaging for tasks like welding plastic components, sealing plastic containers, and assembling plastic parts.
  2. Non-woven Fabric Welding: These devices are used for welding non-woven fabrics, making them valuable in industries such as healthcare for the production of disposable medical gowns, masks, and hygiene products.
  3. Textile Welding: In the textile industry, handheld ultrasonic welders can be used for seam sealing, hemming, and bonding synthetic fabrics, among other applications.
  4. Automotive Repairs: Handheld ultrasonic welders are occasionally used for on-the-spot repairs in the automotive industry, particularly for fixing plastic components and interior trim.
  5. Electronics Assembly: They are used to assemble and bond electronic components, such as connectors, sensors, and plastic housings.
  6. Packaging: Handheld ultrasonic welders are employed in sealing and welding packaging materials like blister packs, clamshells, and plastic bags.
  7. Point of Sale Displays: In the retail industry, they are used for creating displays and signage by welding plastic components together.
  8. Custom Fabrication: These handheld devices are valuable tools for custom fabrication tasks that require strong and precise bonding of thermoplastic materials.

Handheld ultrasonic welders offer several advantages, including rapid welding speeds, strong and reliable bonds, and the elimination of the need for adhesives or additional materials. Their portability and ease of use make them suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries where precise and efficient welding is required.

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