Ultrasonic food cutting system



Ultrasonic food cutting system technical specification
Operating environment-20℃~+80℃, humidity less 70%
DimensionLength 350mm, Width 12mm, Height 100mm
MaterialShell: aluminum alloy, Panel: 304 stainless steel,Heating panel: 6061 pure aluminum
Voltage220VAC, 50/60HZ
Standard partsUltrasonic generator, converter booster, cutting blade, power wire
Optional partShockproof suitcase



– Ultrasonic vibration reduces friction resistance between the blade and food, and it makes the blade cut smoothly without deformation.

– The cutting blade is made of titanium. It is completely inert and enduring material.

– Because it reduce the chips of food during cutting and foulings on the blade, you can reduce the down time to cleaning and increase the productivity.

– Easy to operate, no need professional person, save time and labor force.

– It is suitable for the food products which include different hardness foods such as Cheese, Cake and bread , Pizza ,candy , nuts and dried fruits.


1. Food cutting

2. Cake cutting

3. Cheese bread flour cutting

4. Cookie cut

5. Candy

6. Pizza cheese butter cutting

7. Frozen meat cake, aquatic plant fiber, nut cutting

8. All kinds of soft material cutting

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