Ultrasonic Food Cutting Blade


Ultrasonic Food Cutting Blade Specification

We can produce multiple different cutting size of ultrasonic food cutting blades according to customer’s demands. The cutting size can be chosen from 10mm to 450mm both half wave and full wave, such as 20khz or 30khz 15omm, 200mm, 300mm, 305mm, 350mm.


Ultrasonic food cutting blade application

Ultrasonic food cutting blade 305mm 300mm

Ultrasonic food cutting blade and transducer

Ultrasonic Food Cutting Blade
Cutting blade Length70mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm,200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm or customized size
Power500W, 1000W
Frequency20kHz, 30kHz


Our advantage

High Stability

The ultrasonic generator generates electromagnetic vibrations during operation and converts them into mechanical oscillations that are transmitted to the ultrasonic food cutting blade and the material being cut. The mechanical action achieves precise cutting, eliminating the need for sharp edges. Blade wear is minimized, and the blade head can be easily replaced.

Avoid Contamination

During cutting, the temperature of the ultrasonic blade head remains below 50°C, preventing the generation of smoke and odors. This ensures that there is no risk of injury or fire hazards during the cutting process.

Clean Cutting

Ultrasonic food cutting utilizes high-frequency vibrations for the cutting process. Material does not adhere to the blade surface, requiring only minimal pressure for cutting. It prevents deformation and wear of soft and fragile materials. As for fabric cutting, it can achieve automatic edge sealing without causing fraying.

Ease of Operation

Connecting the ultrasonic food cutting blade to the ultrasonic generator and plugging the generator into a 220V power source allows for immediate cutting by simply turning on the switch. Various cutting methods are supported, including handheld and machine-mounted.

Wide Range of Applications

Ultrasonic cutting system can be used to cut many kinds of food, such as cake, cheese, sandwich, chocolate, frozen meat, etc. Also, It can be cutting for rubber, vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, various textile materials, plastic sheets and other plastic material.

We can offer you complete ultrasonic cutting system based on your requirement, Please contact us sales@intopindustrial.com to get the quotation and more information!

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