Ultrasonic Rotary Spin Welding Machine


Ultrasonic Rotary Spin Welding Machine Specification

An Ultrasonic Rotary Spin Welding Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in manufacturing processes for joining thermoplastic materials using ultrasonic welding technology. is commonly used in industries where strong, precise, and hermetically sealed joints are required in thermoplastic materials. It offers advantages like speed, repeatability, and the ability to join complex shapes. Common applications include automotive, medical device manufacturing, electronics, and consumer goods production


Ultrasonic Rotary Spin Welding Machine
Frequency20kHz, 15kHz
Power2000W, 2600W, 3200W, 4200W
Welding Time0.01 to 9.99S
Welding Area1-150-350mm
Warranty2 years
Welding materialNylon, plastic, ABS, SAN, PP, PE, PS, etc.
Application IndustryToys, electronic products, automative products, medical products, household appliance industry, etc.



  1. The Ultrasonic Spin Welding Machine features a heavy-duty and stable machine base and a thickened turntable base mold, ensuring stable operation and high precision.
  2. It is equipped with a PLC programmable time control system, making it extremely user-friendly.
  3. It adopts a pneumatic system to precisely control the accurate rotation of the turntable, resulting in excellent welding results.
  4. The Ultrasonic Spin Welding Machine employs automatic control technology, making welding operations easy and straightforward, with intuitive and accurate digital welding parameter settings.
  5. During the welding process, current and time are precisely controlled, enhancing welding quality.
  6. The ultrasonic rotary welding machine has an integrated structure with the electronic control part placed inside the chassis, ensuring a reasonable structure and flexible installation.
  7. The machine features a multi-station automatic turntable, with options ranging from 3 to 24 stations, making it simple, efficient, and suitable for large-scale production of products.
  8. The ultrasonic rotary welding machine uses a complete set of high-quality components imported from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, ensuring stable performance, automation, reduced labor, and increased production efficiency.

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