New ultrasonic plastic welding machine generator for sale


Efficiency  Precision  Professional

By the new generation of ultrasonic generator you can appreciate the innovation ability of Chinese ultrasound. Our ultrasound generator is a new member of the 2000 series of INTOP: our this new generator is a suitable machine for your application, market and budget.

The new generator achieves the complete technical improvement on the basis of simple and easy . Through intelligent frequency module to realize automatic frequency tracking and locking, to implement the perfectly output. With excellent technology and attractive price, makes your product or equipment in the top, professional, and upgrade.

We have a series of ultrasonic generator, such as 2000B, 2000E, 2000C, 2000G, 2000H for different welding application like plastic welding, food cutting, face mask welding, nylon or tea bag spot welding, non woven fabric cutting and so on.

Our ultrasonic have many innovative performances, adopting closed loop amplitude control circuit design, stable and high quality of welding, shorter welding cycle, and using the PIM intelligent power module makes the ultrasonic wave to break through the steps of the 5000 w. It is the strongest power ultrasonic generator at any time !

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