Ultrasonic Water Treatment System

Ultrasonic Water Treatment System


Our WT320 Ultrasonic Water Treatment System is a high-quality equipment designed for the high-speed welding demands of modern industrial production. With its intelligent power control to adjust to different welding modes, this machine is truly an advanced tool. The WT320 supports a power output of 3200W, which can be adjusted to fit a wide range of needs. With a touch screen control interface and 485 communication capabilities, it is both powerful and user-friendly.


Ultrasonic Water Treatment System

FrequencyRated PowerMatching CapacitanceType
20kHz3200W9000 ~ 12000Touch Screen Control
485 Communication
20kHz3200W14000 ~ 16000
20kHz3200W20000 ~ 23000


Product name

Ultrasonic homogenizer



Emitter material

Titanium alloy or stainless steel material based on application

Durable temperature

0~80℃ liquid or higher
Can handle materials

Graphene, oils, cells, food, cosmetics, etc.

Processing capacity (single kettle)

5L-10L*N group working simultaneously
               Radiation surface amplitude

(peak-to-peak value)


Input voltage

220V± 10%,50/60Hz

Cross-sectional size

Φ38mm, Φ50mm
Application direction

Mixing, extraction, dispersion, emulsification, defoaming, crushing, etc.


One year


Ultrasonic water treatment systems are an advanced technological solution for treating water in various applications. Here’s an overview of their advantages and applications:

Non-Chemical Process:

Ultrasonic treatment does not require the addition of chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly option.


It can effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, algae, and suspended solids.
Low Energy Consumption:

Compared to conventional treatment methods, ultrasonic systems often consume less energy, resulting in cost savings.

Minimal Maintenance:

These systems typically require less maintenance because there are no filters to replace or chemical balances to maintain.
Safe and Clean:

Since no harmful chemicals are used, the process is safe for both operators and the environment. The resulting water is often cleaner and safer for use.


Ultrasonic systems can be used in a variety of water treatment contexts, from small-scale applications to large industrial processes.

Improved Water Quality:

Ultrasonic can improve the taste, odor, and color of water by breaking down large particles and compounds.