Ultrasonic Spraying Machine


Ultrasonic Spraying Machine Specification

An ultrasonic spraying machine is a specialized piece of equipment that utilizes ultrasonic technology to atomize and disperse liquid substances into fine droplets or mist. This technology is commonly used in various industrial applications for precise and efficient coating, spraying, and atomizing of liquids.

Through different frequency and air passage design, different atomizing particle size and wide spray width can be produced to meet different spraying requirements such as different area, thickness and finish. In addition, the unique design of the shape structure can also be adapted to high temperature, narrow space and other special environments, such as spray coating, spray drying, spray pyrolysis, etc.

40khz ultrasonic nozzle 50khz ultrasonic nozzle 60khz ultrasonic nozzle 100khz ultrasonic nozzle 120khz ultrasonic nozzle

Frequency (kHz)Maximum flow rate (ml/s)Median Droplet diameter (µ)


Ultrasonic Spraying Machine Specification

Our Ultrasonic Spraying Machine advantages

1. High stability

The ultrasonic spraying machine is made of high-performance titanium alloy and stainless steel, with strong adaptability and corrosion resistance, no pressure, no noise, no nozzle wear and blockage, and high uniformity of atomized particles.

2. Environmental protection
The spray impact force is very small, which will not cause liquid splash, and can reduce raw material waste and air pollution caused by reverse spray.
3. Flexible 
The ultrasonic sprayer can precisely control the atomization flux, and can spray continuously at low flow rate. The spray shape is very easy to manipulate and shape (with spraying mechanical arm). It is suitable for industrial field. By combination, the atomization quantity can meet any requirements of users.
4. Easy to maintain
The liquid is transmitted to the spray head through self gravity or low pressure pump, and continuous or intermittent atomization is realized. Atomization does not require cooling water, energy consumption is small, equipment is simple, failure rate is low, and daily maintenance free.
5. Widely application
The size of the atomized particles is determined by the ultrasonic frequency, which is independent of the ultrasonic nozzle diameter. The ultrasonic spraying machine can be used for many kinds of solutions, even for the atomization of sewage, chemical liquid and oil mucus.
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