Ultrasonic plastic tube welding


Ultrasonic plastic tube welding specification

Our 2000C ultrasonic welding system include ultrasonic generator, transducer booster and horn(sonotrode). It widely be used for welding, insertion, bend, spot welding, cutting. The product material can be ABS,PP,PS,SNA,PC,PA,PET, non-woven fabric, nylon, etc.

Custom made horns are available for meeting your welding requirements.


  • Less space
  • Perfect performance, quick welding.
  • Reliable and stable welding.
  • Less thermal diffusivity, easy wiring.
  • Simple and semi-automated in adjustment.


Security measures   

  • Frequency locking system: above frequency range and below frequency range protection, selecting type mistake protection, horn cracked protection.
  • Constant amplitude system: overpower protection, faulty operated protection.
  • Control system: wrong parameter protection.
  • Others: interfering impulse absorbed protection, converter and horn damaged protection.

Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Welding System Data sheet      

-20℃~+80℃, humidity less 70%
Operating environment
DimensionLength 350mm, Width 12mm, Height 100mm
MaterialShell: aluminum alloy
Panel: 304 stainless steel
Heating panel: 6061 pure aluminum
Voltage220VAC, 50/60HZ
Standard partsUltrasonic generator, converter wire, power wire, control signal interface, DB9 core wire.
Optional partShockproof suitcase


Ultrasonic plastic tube welding generator Ultrasonic plastic tube welding system


Delay/Weld/Hold/Amplitude setting

You can set the delay time, welding time or energy, holding time and amplitude by yourself according to your request.

More stable power output 

Imported components from Germany and Japan, excellent design.

Titanium alloy Shell

Our generator shell’s material is titanium alloy, it is has the very good property of anti-electromagnetic interference.

Also the titanium alloy shell looks nice.

High quality titanium horn and transducer

High quality titanium alloy horn design and  transducer, effectively ensure the stable and efficient output of work, the welding effect is guaranteed.

Small size and low weight

Our ultrasonic generator’s total weight is only 3KG, that can save your shipping cost.

Please contact us sales@intopindustrial.com to get more information and quotation!

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