Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine




Product NameUltrasonic Metal Spot Welding Machine
Frequency15kHz, 20kHz
Power3000W, 4000W, 6000W
Welding area0-50mm
Working voltageAC220V/50Hz
Working air pressure0.5-0.7 Mpa
WarrantyOne year warranty with lifetime support


Our Ultrasonic spot metal welding machine advantages:

1. High-quality ultrasonic transducer, strong power, good stability.
2. Good conductivity and resistivity very low or almost near to zero.
3. Oxidation or plating metal can be welded.
4. Short weld time, no need additional flux, gas, solder.
5. No welding sparks, environment protection and safety.
6. Without the need for frequent replacement of amplifier due to stepless adjustment of the amplitude.
7. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no distortion, no pollution, welding firm, and convenient operation.
8. Welding material does not melt non-fragile metal properties.
9. Pairs of welding metal surfaces that require low, oxidation or plating can be welded.


Our ultrasonic metal spot welding machine can be used for many different industrial are:

1. Multi-layer positive and negative electrode welding for dynamic power battery
welding material does not melt, non-fragile metal properties.
2. Li-ion battery and polymer battery: Copper foil welds nickel sheet; Aluminum foil welds aluminum sheet; Aluminum foil welds
Nickle sheet.
3. Auto splice welding, Formation of electric wire end, Welding for electric wires; Multiple electric wires bond welding.
4. Electric wire and cable welding, terminal , connector , electric parts welding .
5. Solar panel battery, flat solar plate , copper and aluminum plate joints.
6. Solenoid switch, fuseless switch: big currency joint point welding and dissimilar metal welding.
7. Refrigerator and air conditioner copper tube sealing. Vacuum parts of copper tube and aluminum tube sealing.
In addition, advances in metals technology are producing thinner and lighter metal foils and wire for use in sensitive electronics and other products. Ultrasonic metal welding can satisfy the clean and delicate requirements of these applications, whereas traditional welding methods may be much too destructive.
Ultrasonic welding also meets the reliability demands of larger, heavy-duty applications such as charging systems for electric vehicles, wind power towers and solar energy systems.