Chinese Hot stamping machine

Chinese Hot stamping machine


Hot stamping machine Specification


Chinese Hot stamping machine


Chinese Hot stamping machine function



Machine Dimension23×23×46cm23×23×46cm23×23×46cm
Machine Voltage220V, 110V220V, 110V220V, 110V
Embossing Size5×7cm8×10cm10×13cm
Machine Power300W460W500W
Temperature Range0-400℃0-400℃0-400℃
Machine Net Weight8KG8KG8KG
Adjustable height0-16cm0-16cm0-16cm
Operation WayManualManualManual


1.Processing the leather materials surface by heating plates and hydraulic pressure.
2.Both manual and automatic feeding available.
3.Heating time,heating temperature,pressure force,feeding rate can be adjusted.
4.With safety device of urgent buttons and double hands working.
5.Easy to set and unload plates, simple to operate.


Hot stamping machine Application

Chinese Hot stamping machine application


Hot Stamping machine is used for leather, wood products, handicrafts, handbags purses, sticker, stationery, footwear mark, plastic packaging, leather embossed branding, car seats, mobile phone sets, paper invitations, cards, notes, furniture, branding, gilt frames plastic stamping etc.