ultrasonic generator 2000C

ultrasonic generator 2000C

Available with RS485 modbus

Amplitude adjustment

RS485 address and baud rate optional


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  • Ultrasonic Plastic Welding generator
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Ultrasonic  generator 2000C technical specification
Model HC-2000C-QC HC-2000C-QC HC-2000C-QC HC-2000C-QC HC-2000C-QC
Frequency 15kHz 20kHz 30kHz 35kHz 40kHz
Power 2600W 2000W 800W/1500W 800W/1200W 500W/800W
Operating environment -20℃~+80℃, humidity less 70%
Dimension Length 350mm, Width 12mm, Height 100mm
Material Shell: aluminum alloy, Panel: 304 stainless steel,Heating panel: 6061 pure aluminum
Voltage 220VAC, 50/60HZ
Standard parts Ultrasonic generator, converter wire, power wire, control signal interface, DB9 core wire.
Optional part Shockproof suitcase


Our ultrasonic generator  advantages

1、Adopt parallel resonance to drive the converter, reduce the heating of converter to protect it.

2、Button start, easy operation.

3、Imported control chip and driver, makes the ultrasonic generator works more reliable.

4、The frequency based on the PID control and amplitude control, frequency locking and achieve constant amplitude control as well.

5、Explosive power output,compare to traditional ultrasonic generator, our ultrasonic generator only request 1/2 cylinder pressure to achieve the same power output.

6、Amplitude soft start, ensure make use of huge mould.

7、Welding amplitude adjustment range 0~100% by 1%.

8、Multiple protection to ensure the safety of equipment and test-piece.


Welding, insertion, bend, spot welding, cutting.

Product material ABS,PP,PS,SNA,PC,PA,PET, non-woven, nylon, etc.