New ultrasonic plastic welding machine generator for sale

  Efficiency  Precision  Professional By the new generation of ultrasonic generator you can appreciate the innovation ability of Chinese ultrasound. Our ultrasound generator is a new member of the 2000 series of INTOP: our this new generator is a suitable machine for your application, market and budget. The new generator achieves the complete technical improvement on the basis of simple and easy . Through intelligent frequency module to realize automatic frequency tracking and locking, to implement the perfectly output. With excellent technology [...]

Portable Spot Welding Gun Handhle Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Technique Specification of  ultrasound hand held welder machine     Type  ultrasound hand-held welder machine Ultrasonic frenquency 35kHz Power 800/1000w Voltage AC 220v Electric current 10A Weight 3.5kg Welding time 0.1-99.9s Horn material Titanium horn   Our ultrasound hand held welder machine advantages:   1.Aluminum alloy shell, beautiful appearance, good anti-electromagnetic interference.  2.Portable design, less space, the generator part weight is 3.5kg, handgun weight is 200g. 3.Parallel resonance mode, big load power, the maximal power is 1800W. 4. Amplitude can be set 0-100%, set the resolution 1%.  5. Our this ultrasonic hand held welding machine without constant amplitude control function, so there is big output power in small pressure. It is [...]

Ultrasonic plastic welding generator

We are a leading pioneer of Ultrasonic hand held welder in China, research and manufacture Ultrasonic plastic welding generator, Ultrasonic hand held welder and Ultrasonic plastic welding machine.   Competitive pricing, good quality and loyal customer service has always been our advantage.   You can know more about our products by visit our company website

Application of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic welding machine is mainly used for the second connection of thermoplastic, compared with other traditional processes (such as adhesive, electric ironing or screw fastening, etc.), with high production efficiency, welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving and other significant advantages. Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is widely used in medical equipment, packaging, auto parts, fishing gear and other industries, such as one-time infusion filter and plasma separation cups, Zifeng Dai, plastic bottle caps, dishwasher water wheels, plastic toys, Plastic [...]

Ultrasonic generator application

Double modes double selection: Standard plastic welding machine mode Corollary special machine mode   Application: Welding, insertion, bend, spot welding, cutting. Product material: ABS,PP,PS,SNA,PC,PA,PET, non-woven, nylon, etc.

Ultrasonic welding Plastics Packaging Nonwovens

Ultrasonic welding means joining without adhesives, screws or heat from an outside source. During this process, plastics are strategically melted by means of ultrasonic vibrations so that a cohesive or form-fit joint is produced. As economic production method with short cycle times, ultrasonic welding ensures a large degree of process control and repeatable quality results.

Overview of Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding uses high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations which are applied to materials that are being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. This method is most commonly used to join thermoplastics and in joining materials that aren’t similar and does not require any bolts, nails, soldering material or adhesives that are needed to join the materials together. Although ultrasonic welding uses vibration to create a weld, ultrasonic welding is a different method from “vibration welding” (also known as friction [...]